Hard wood floors, if you know what I mean

Why hello there travel/home decor enthusiasts.  That’s an odd combination put together…

I disappeared for a while because a) there was really nothing to write about and b) I was super busy finalising things for the new place.  The loan and the moving (also known as the downward spiral into destitution and one of the most tedious activities you’ll ever have to do in life) kept me busy and anxious but I was able to spend my hard-earned (debatable) money on something for the new place.

New floors!



The living room.  Check out the miscellaneous stain!


The kitchen


The bedroom

Nasty, manky, old, grey carpet.  And lino in the kitchen (they must have had spare because they’ve used that same lino on the kitchen bench tops – fancy!).  It’s a small apartment and the darkness of the carpet and the distinct difference in material in the kitchen simply served to darken and close in the place more.

Hence my decision to rip it all up and replace it with floor boards.

I am lucky enough to have an uncle who does this kind of thing as a hobby.  I’ll be honest though – I was probably a little skeptical about his skills as a tradesman.  After all, he sewed clothes for most of his life.  But like with all older men like our fathers and uncles and grandfathers, most of them seem to take to these kinds of things like a duck to water.  No training or tuition – hand them a hammer and a saw; and BAM!  House.



Oh hai daddy’s feet and tool for removing ugly lino (clearly, not familiar with tools)

Now, when my uncle lifted the carpet up, he found something he wasn’t expecting which turned a weekend job into a week long job.  I’ve been told it’s called parquetry – a form of flooring using tiny, teeny timber pieces to create a mosaic of sorts.  It was actually quite lovely albeit a little dark in colouring, as you’ll see below, but everything had been bought and from what I can gather, the ones in the living room weren’t in the best condition.  Don’t mind me as I explain all these things which you probably already know.  I DID say I was new to all of this!


Teeny, tiny pieces!

This was my contribution to the floors.  I had been out all night so having a shovel in my hand hacking away at the floors and then going up and down the stairs with buckets of timber pieces wasn’t exactly a joy that day.  I’m trying to contribute though! I’d prefer to leave this sort of thing to the professionals… yes… that’ll do….

It is now finished.  And the final result looks might fine!



The living room.  Don’t mind the boxes… and shoes… and… pillow…


Bedroom… boudoir… oooooohweeeeee!


The kitchen.  Man, and this is the place “cleaned up”… imagine it before my mum came over and went clean-freak-mum all up in it!

Look how bright the place looks!  And fresh and open.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  All up, it has probably cost me about $2000 (materials and labour).  I now have $1.11 in my bank account as my first home loan deduction went through last week (oh the pain…) but I think it was well worth it.  I don’t have to do much to the place for a while now because this one modification has made a mountain of difference.  My bed is arriving tomorrow, my fridge sometime in the next week and a sofa still needs to be chosen but all in all,  it’s all coming together and soon, it’ll start feeling more like a home.

Next project: those random, uncoordinated, terrible curtains… Did you see them?!  I just.. what even is…

Until next time,

Stay golden x


2 thoughts on “Hard wood floors, if you know what I mean

    • Thank you! Not that I did a lot of it hehe. Your blog is great and the house is adorable. We’re pretty similar in age I see 🙂 It’ll be great to watch your house transform through your blog!

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